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The Moulin seigneurial offers a guided tour through the everyday life of millers and woodworkers of the last century. Take a moment during your visit to do this workshop, and you’ll be able to leave with your own loaf!

Group tour (min. 20 people)

Master Miller (Maître meunier)

The “Master miller (Maître meunier)” exhibit plunges you into the everyday life of past centuries millers and reveals the secrets of the flour making process. Simultaneously workers and artisans, millers played a significant role in their community. The sawmill, like a church forecourt, was a gathering place bringing together the farmers and the miller, whose hard work ensured the food subsistence of all their families and animals.

Visit the “Master miller (Maître meunier)” exhibit on the Virtual Museum of Canada

Wood flour (Farine de bois)

The “Wood flour (Farine de bois)” exhibit located in the sawmill plunges you into the life of past century woodworkers. Built in the 1940’s and used until the middle of the 1980’s, the Brothers of Christian Instruction’s sawmill is a typical artisanal built from its era. Its hydropower actioned mechanisms can still be reactivated, much to the delight of visitors.

Visit the “Wood Flour (Farine de bois)” exhibit on the Virtual Museum of Canada



Bread workshop

Learn how to make bread and leave with your own loaf! Discover, in our flour mill, the bread making secrets, as bread was the basis of food intake in New France. This activity must be combined with the guided tour and another activity in order to allow the yeast to work.

The Moulin seigneurial offers many more group activities. Let us tell you about the possibilities!

For more details, or to book, please contact us by phone (819 377-1396) or by email (communication@moulin-pointedulac.com).