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In partnership with the Vieux presbytère de Batiscan, the Moulin seigneurial offers a serie of activities for chilcare centres. Children will learn how to make flour and bread, will create a mosaic of sawdust and wood chips with flour and water, and will learn the difference between a flour mill and a sawmill.

You can come to the Moulin seignseurial or it can come to your childcare center. Let us tell you about the possibilities!


Description of the activities


Adéline’s Bread (Le pain d’Adéline)

For a long time, bread was the foundation of our ancestors’ diet. Adéline, the presbytery housekeeper needed to make bread everyday. During this activity, the children will make a bread they’ will be able to eat during lunch or snack time, and a second bread they will be able to bring back home. Through the gentle handling of yeast and the mixing of multiple ingredients, they will learn the joys of cooking by playing.

The mill, from top to bottom

Before baking bread, the citizens needed to grind their grains at the mill in order to have flour. With the help of a model of the Moulin seigneurial de Pointe-du-Lac, the children will become familiar with the running of a flour mill. They will also be able to crush the grains with a rock in order to understand how the millstones (where the flour is made) work.


“Saw dust and co. (Bran de scie et cie)”

Children will create a mosaic of recycled and colourful wood chips. They will be able to give free rein to their imagination, thanks to a glue they created themselves with flour and water. They will also learn where the sawdust they are using comes from. Then, they will learn the existence of sawmills.



Ingredients provided by the Moulin seigneurial: $10/child
Ingredients provided by the Childcare Centre: $7.50/child

For more information, or to book, please contact us by phone (819 377-1396) or by email (communication@moulin-pointedulac.com).