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The Moulin seigneurial de Pointe-du-Lac is a historical venue and its mission is to maintain, showcase and give life to the building. Renting a room in this historical site implies that you need to respect some guidelines. Thoroughly read the 10 commandments conditional to the rental. Please make sure the venue is right for your event.

Lessee’s 10 commandments

  1. No open flames (candles, torches, fireworks) will be accepted in the venue as well as on the property. Smoke machines are also prohibited.
  2. You cannot nail, glue or staple anything to the walls. However, it is possible to use mounting putty (Tac n’ Stik) and string.
  3. You cannot throw confetti, flower petals, rice or anything else.
  4. Children should always be under adult supervision.
  5. No animals are allowed in the building.
  6. Loud noises are prohibited after 11 PM outside and 12 AM inside the building. You must leave no later than 12 AM.
  7. You must choose your caterer from the approved caterer list (See Approved Caterers).
  8. The room preparation (assembly and decoration) must be done at the agreed times.
  9. Upon your departure, the venue must be free of any equipment that is not property of the historical site. It is crucial to make sure that all the trash has been cleaned up before leaving.
  10. The deposit must be payed upon signing the contract, and the rest of the payment must be provided within 30 days of when you rented the venue.

IMPORTANT: Since the Moulin seigneurial’s rooms are mainly exhibitions, the visitors can freely visit them during business hours. Also, please note the Moulin seigneurial’s property is always accessible to visitors.


In addition to the Moulin’s parking, a second parking area, situated behind the building, is available for free during your event. From the parking lot a path leads to the location. This is the adresse : 501, rue des Frères-Enseignants

IMPORTANT: It is strictly prohibited to park at Centre de réadaptation en dépendances Domremy, situated at 11 931, Notre-Dame Ouest, in front of the Moulin seigneurial.

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For weddings, please kindly review our record of published articles in La Presse.